2015 Newport Beach Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival 2015 at the Lido

If it’s April it is time again for the Newport Beach Film Festival. This year it was April 23-30, with opening night of Russell Crowe’s first directing debut in The Water Diviner,  as he is also the lead actor in this World War One period drama. Many families and individuals have visited prior battlefields from past wars, most I am sure they are not trying to find their lost relative but to feel the sprit of a time during great violence and struggle. All they have when they leave are there thoughts. This is why I find the narrative to be a strong case for this film. In the case of Mr. Conner (Russell Crowe) The Battle of Gallipoli, the Australian army was held to a stale mate against the Turkish army and had to retreat leaving behind a great amount of their dead were they laid.  Beautifully filmed in Australia and Turkey and with spot on period costumes I was enthralled with how the story would end. This is where it came up short. It seemed that Mr. Crowe could not figure how to end it. Within the last minutes of the film everything is hastily tied together and rushed to the final scene. I do hope to see more from Mr. Crowe.

I On The Barrel Vol 2 by Tony Harrington will get the most jaded anti surf film surfer jazzed to paddle out tomorrow morning for a session or to save up for that plane ticket to warm water and pumping surf and seek out the holy grail of surfing: the barrel. With an all star cast of professional surfers this film takes you to some the most beautiful beaches in the world with blue warm water and perfect surf. According to Mr. Harrington’s staff they are working on Vol 3.