Women’s March San Diego

San Diego,CA – With no more than twenty four hours after the inauguration of President Trump, this grass roots organization, Women’s March San Diego participents started to arrive  at the civic center early before the 10 am start with everyone making last minute changes to their signs, and checking to make sure they brought enough water and snacks. Seeing old friends and making new ones. From start to finish the marchers were peaceful and courteous. San Diego police estimates the participants between 30 to 40 thousand. An early estimate provided by the organizers were to be approximately 20,000.

With cool temperatures and threatening clouds the event began at exactly 10:00 am. Main speakers were event lead organizer Sarah Shaftel, Toni Adkins State Senator D-39, and State Assembly member, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher D-San Diego. The event was not so much about women’s rights but also the rights of all that feel the current administration are going to suppress or outright revoke.

Not knowing what to expect, with the expectation was at most just a small gathering of local women’s’ organization. The march was well supported by the ACLU, Planned Parenthood San Diego, NOW, Center for Community Solution, Run Women Run, Next Gen, and Mom’s Demand Action.

As the morning wore on the crowd had swelled to the point that the plaza was overwhelmed and had now spilled into the adjoin streets. Not so much a sea of pink as with the other nationwide marches, but a sea of rainbow colors. Between light rain and bright clearing sky the march headed west down Broadway with chants and cheers coming in waves.

People that were not part of the march and where at the local restaurants or hotel lobbies looked on in either support or bewilderment on not only the size of the march but it’s plethora of the messages. Even though it was labeled as a “Women’s March” and that much of the theme was about women’s rights, all issues from LGBT community, health care, human rights, environmental, immigrant, and local issues. The negative placards that were on display were not so much about President Trump but also the federal government in general and the Republicans agenda to overturn Roe vs Wade, elimination of the Affordable Care Act, same sex marriage, with more social issues to be targeted soon.

Not a single arrest was reported. At the end, most milled about and enjoyed the sunny afternoon at the waterfront and as most including myself looking to enjoy a delicious lunch in Little Italy.